Why, Where and How to expand internationally

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Why? let’s start from what your motivation:

Our goal is to help a company increase its value and brand equityacquire new customers and boost its revenues and margins by conquering new markets.


We work globally from our  three locations. Why three? Because we believe that the best way to conquer new markets is by  having a physical presence in the territory of interest.

Our locations become  new temporary headquarters for our clients where we work to grow their brand, build their reputation in the country, and host events to increase brand awareness.


Expanding internationally is an enormous challenge and that requires the right people.

At Making Business Happen USA we bring together the skills of single professionals and partner companies to provide our clients with the highest return.

For us, it is not about the number of individual sales. We work to build long-term collaborations that will guarantee a stable and rapid increase in value, profit, and equity.

Our concept of marketing is not solely based on digital strategies. We believe that human relationships are at the base of every business. For this reason, our results are a combination of data analysis, marketing research, personal relations , and creative strategy thinking. 

Ready to try our Digital Temporary Export  Manager service?

The D-TEM is a Digital Temporary Export Manager who combines specialized skills in digital marketing, market research and data analysis with Incoterms and logistics knowledge.

Having a D TEM on your team enables your company to plan, develop and implement your export strategy faster and more effectively.


Approaching the global market is now – more than ever – extremely challenging and it requires specialized knowledge, experience and dedication.

No matter if you are at a startup phase or you are already exporting abroad, a digital temporary export manager brings your business to the next level.

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