Il Bronzetto

The added value of the temporary export manager. From “artisans” of Florentine bronze to a company with customers all over the world.


temporary export manager | strengthen brand positioning | increase brand equity

Il Bronzetto was founded in 1963 in Oltrarno by traditional Florentine artisans, creating furniture and lighting in brass and bronze of undisputed quality and mastery. Over time, international conditions changed so the need to be present in other markets had grown. In 2017, Bronzetto chose Making Business Happen as its Temporary Export Manager, entrusting us not only with the definition and management of its business strategy in foreign markets (we particularly focused on the US) but also with the mission of redefining the brand with a view to grow its Brand Equity and expand its core business towards the sale, not only of products of excellence, but of artifacts that are the result of an artisanal and highly personalized work. It was a winning strategy. Today Bronzetto boasts 2,450 customers all over the world and has a catalog of 5,762 products.