La Scolca

La Scolca, Gavi dei Gavi, from their centenary celebrations to the phygital media relations in the Covid-19 era. An example of effective global brand management rewarded by media and consumers.


brand awareness | increase customer experience | business - match

Our relationship with Chiara Soldati began at Vinitaly 2018 when Making Business Happen was chosen from among other competitors to support the company in the celebration of 100 years in 2019. This was mostly due to our distinctive approach compared to other “communication” companies. This important, prestigious task, that required a great deal of responsibility on our part allowed us to coordinate the company’s communication and marketing team to strengthen their brand awareness, enhance Chiara Soldati’s leadership, and support trade partners in over 45 countries. With the first lockdown in 2020, we were among the first to experiment with digital tasting being able to adapt their business model to the environmental challenge we were facing. At the same time, we implemented their wine experiences at the La Scolca estate by introducing La Scolca Wine Club Card. Our marketing and business match actions were able to establish high profile partnerships such as those with Ferretti Yacht and Bentley Milano.