Making Business Happen è un team di pensatori di design che creano soluzioni sostenibili per aiutarti a crescere in un mondo sempre più liquido, globalizzato e competitivo .

Ci piace guardare al futuro con ragionevole ottimismo e così facendo coltiviamo una visione internazionale che si basa su un costante aggiornamento, approcci creativi e la ricerca di nuove opportunità.

L’unicità della nostra metodologia deriva da soluzioni su misura che rendiamo sempre compatibili con qualsiasi contesto, dalle microimprese alle multinazionali .

Ciò che conta davvero per noi, però, sono le persone e la centralità del fattore umano, che rimangono i destinatari privilegiati di ogni nostra azione


Who we are

About Us

Making Business Happen is a network of professionals that for 10 years has been helping people, companies and regions grow through marketing and culture.

It is not sufficient to start from common values, ideas, and objectives, it is necessary to measure oneself on your skills and ability to read the dynamics of the global market, including the meaning of the word risk.

Behind every success there is a lot of work, perseverance, dedication and sacrifice along with disappointments and failures. 

Starting ten years ago, we experimented first on ourselves, knowing that this represented the normal physiology of doing business, something that is neither a pathology nor an exception.

We are convinced that growth is impossible without getting involved and without taking your own risks; and that opportunities arise only if you are able to get out of your comfort zone.

The best antidote to the fear of risk is to rely on data analysis and solid strategic planning to reduce and manage any negative impact. The rest is done with passion, creativity, curiosity, enthusiasm, and a lot of work.

Technology helps us change our habits, our way of thinking and working, especially following a global pandemic that has imposed a “new normal” on us.

Not business to business
but people to people

Our Team


Silvia Mariani

Founder & CEO | Firenze

Federica Sovrnai_jpg

Federica Sovrani

Consultant | Firenze


Noemi Vallucci

Intern | Firenze


Camilla Fondelli

Consultant| Firenze
Francesco A. Voltarel (1)

Francesco Voltarel

Junior Business Development Consultant

Albert Mellina

Senior Strategic Advisor


Leyna Nguyen

Leyna Nguyen

USC Marshall School of Business

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